C-100 5 in 1 TDS/EC/Salinity/S.G./Temperature Meter Digital Water Quality Tester for household, Pools, Drinking Water, Aquarium.

C-100 versatility of portable TDS/EC/SALT/S.G/TEMP water quality tester.
Mainly used for testing TDS (ppm/), EC (uS/cm, mS/cm), SALT (%), S.G (seawater gravity) and TEMP (ºC/ºF)
The pen type is simple and portable. Put the meter into the solution, it can quickly and steadily respond to the reading, and has a calibration function to ensure high accuracy.
The measurement range is large and wide, which can measure both fresh water salinity and sea salt
This is a Amazing Digital Water Quality Monitor Tester for Household, Pools, Drinking Water, Aquariums

Range: 0 to 10000uS/cm 10.01-19.99mS 20.1-400mS/CM
Resolution: 1uS/cm; 0.1 ms/cm;
Accuracy: ±2%F.S

Range: 0 to 1000ppm 1000ppm to 10000ppm 10.1 to 200.0ppt (automatically out of range)
Resolution: 1ppm; 0.1 point
Accuracy: ±2%F.S

Range: 0.00 to 25.00%
Resolution: 0.01%
Accuracy: 0.01-5.00% (±0.1%) 5.10-25.00% (±1%)

SG: 1.000-1.222

Calibration: EC: optional three-point calibration (1413uS 12.88mS 111.8mS)
Temperature compensation: ATC

Operating environment: 0 to 80.0ºC (32.0-176F); <90%

TDS coefficient: 0.5

Temperature range: 0.1-80.0ºC 32.0-176ºF
Temperature accuracy: +0.5ºC
Temperature resolution: 0.1ºC/ºF
Automatic shutdown: 5 minutes
Power: 3x1.5 LR44
Screen size: 28*17mm
Size/weight: 159*34*16mm (6.31*1.3*0.6in)/60g (2.1oz)
Display: support backlight
Battery: Low battery indicator

Turn on but no display
1. The battery is not installed or the battery is low or not installed correctly;
2. Do not press the power button correctly;
1. Remove the battery box, reinstall the battery or replace the new battery;
2. Check whether the positive and negative poles of the battery are correct;
3. The above methods are correct, the instrument cannot be opened, please return to the factory or agent.

Unstable reading
1. Air bubbles around the electrode will seriously affect the reading. To reduce air bubbles, immerse the electrode completely and swing it in the air to eliminate air bubbles;
2. The solution may be asymmetric, resulting in unstable readings;
3. The probe is not immersed deep enough in the solution;
4. The probe is broken;
5. Measuring the interference of the environment.

Multifunctional water quality tester C-100
Mode of operation
1. Press ON / OF, turn on the meter, remove the protective cap, put it in the solution to be tested, and do not immerse it above the immersion line. Then gently shake it several times in the water to eliminate bubbles around the electrode, and read the correct measurement value after the value is stable
2. Press MODE/CAL to enter different models. The unit of TDS is PPM or PPT, the unit of EC is uS or mS, the unit of salt is %, and the unit of seawater specific gravity is S.G.
3. Press HOLD / TEMP, it will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen, indicating that the value has been held, then remove the meter from the solution and read the value, press HOLD / TEMP again to exit the hold mode.
4. Hold HOLD / TEMP for a long time, the screen will switch between ºC and ºF

Packing List
1* 5 in 1 Water Quality Tester
1* manual in English

After long-term use, you need to calibrate. Put it in the standard solution, enter TDS/EC mode, press MODE/CAL for four seconds, it will enter automatic calibration mode, the corresponding value will flash on the screen, press HOLD/TEMP to Plus sign or MODE / CAL decrement, and then calibrate to the standard solution value, after three flashes, calibration is completed.

C-100 5 in 1 TDS/EC/Salinity Digital Water Tester

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